About Inexmoda


On December 17th, 1987 colombian textiles and apparel entrepreneurs affiliated with the ANDI and signed the charter for Inexmoda: Institute for Export and Fashion, responsible for supporting the work of those involved in the Fashion System.

Today Inexmoda focuses on:

    • Studying global trends to guide creative industries towards a path that will make them more competitive.
    • Creating opportunities in business, education and networking in order to strengthen relations within the Fashion System.
    • Identifying the needs of the sector in order to deliver assertive solutions.
    • Facilitating knowledge and tools for companies in the Fashion System so they can engage with the consumer.

Inexmoda has three strategic areas:

      • Fashion and Economy Lab
        Investigates global trends in fashion and national apparel expenditure, allowing the interdisciplinary team to guide the companies within the Fashion System.
      • Business Competitiveness
        Working on pillars of innovation through training and consultancy projects, this area generates the necessary skills within companies in order to boost their income, leadership and market position.
      • Trading platforms
        Supporting the industry and commerce of fashion, projecting local talent and developing successful business models, Trading Platforms plans and executes for industry related exhibitions to strengthen and promote companies within the Fashion System.

It has two supporting areas

      • Marketing, Communications and Commercial Area
        Positioning the Inexmoda brand, innovativley communicating key messages, strengthening relationships with various publics and commercializing the products and services offered by the institute.
      • Administrative and Financial Area
        Providing financial, technological and logistical tools to power the strategic areas of Inexmoda and its colleagues.

To learn more about Inexmoda go to www.inexmoda.org.co