About the IAF World Fashion Convention

The International Apparel Federation (IAF) annually organizes the World Fashion Convention, where professionals from all over the world gather to discuss new developments in the fashion chain. This event emphasizes on the business side of the industry, including various topics such as branding, marketing and the management chain.

In the past the convention has been held in cities like Milan, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Washington, Istanbul, San Francisco, Oporto and Shanghai. This year Medellín – Colombia will be the venue for the biggest event in the fashion sector.

Past experience has shown the IAF that of the approximate 300 delegates attending this convention, about half will be manufacturers, brands and designers from Colombia and Latin America. Aditionally, executives from associations in over 60 countires are expected to assist the event, as well as corporate members of the IAF such as VF and Li & Fung among other partners such as Lectra , Alvanon and Stylsight .

Although IAF members are invited to come at a lower convention fee, many non-member attend the event as well for the networking opportunities and the exchange of information. The full list of members can be found in the IAF directory (

The World Fashion Convention gives you the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and exchange information and ideas. The warm welcome and beautiful locations create an inviting setting  for informal business meetings whilst building and maintaining the network of relationships.

This convention has a lot of media coverage and is recognized by the international press.