Getting Around



Get to know Medellin through its methods of transport; the Metro, Metrocable Metroplús, buses and taxis. There are many different methods of transport allowing you to visit all the beautiful places in our city.

  • Tour the city and its streets on buses that will take you through all the different neighborhoods of Medellín.
  • Take a smooth ride in a city taxi using an app or calling one.
  • The Medellín Metro transports over 400,000 passengers per day on the most modern public transport system in Latin America!


Bus: $1.700
Microbus: $1.800 – $ 1.900
Metro: $1.800
Metrocable for tourists: $1.800
60 seconds standby: $ 79
Minimum amount: $ 4,600
Per hour contract rate: $24,000
Jose Maria Cordova Airport: $ 57,000


Attending the World Fashion Convention in Medellin with Avianca ensures that you will enjoy preferential treatment inflight. You can access special discounts on fares on flights to Medellin. These discounts apply only on flights operated by Avianca directly.


Reserve and buy your ticket either through our call center, direct outlets, travel agencies or via To receive your discount mention the event code (GN 801) and present your proof of attendance at the event (registration or invitation) when booking.

Get to know the most famous sights of the city here
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