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Museum of Modern Art: MAMM has worked to be a living, urban and modern museum that acts as a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge. Enjoy artistic, cultural, contemporary and diverse art exhibitions.

Castle Museum: A museum dedicated to the promotion of art and culture. Preserved collections of works by teachers, Colombians, European artists and decorative arts.

Museum of Antioquia: A museum dedicated to the promotion of the heritage of Antioquia. Offers exhibitions of historical relics and events of Independence, colonial paintings and natural history items.

Botanical Garden: A place to encounter the floristic diversity of Antioquia, in the form of a living museum with collections that make up the beautiful haven of plants of various groups and species.

Plaza Botero: The Plaza de Botero, also known as the Sculpture Park, is located in one of the most traditional and characteristic places of the city, near Parque Berrio, the Museum of Antioquia, the Palace of Culture and Hotel Nutibara, making it not only the epicenter of art and culture in Medellin, but also, a must for visitors. The Sculpture Park features 23 artworks by Botero.

Parque Explora-Aquarium-Planetarium: An interactive center for the appropriation and dissemination of science and technology with
over 300 interactive experiences, experimental spaces and a temporary exhibition hall making it the largest science and technology center that Medellin has to offer.

Barefoot Park: This park encourages visitors to enjoy the water, sand and the shade of the trees, feel the earth beneath your feet and understand that whilst living in the city, it is still possible to experience nature. Next to the local shops, the EPM building and the Interactive Museum, Barefoot Park offers an open area that favors space, light and tranquility.

Wishes’ Park: The pleasant natural environment surrounding the Wishes’ Park with its fountains and reflecting pools, beach area, and tree planting, favours the appropriation of knowledge. This public space is the best incentive for interactivity to come alive. Wishes’ Park allows visitors to understand the relationship between the universe and public services with an emphasis on education, the environment and innovation.

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