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The 30th IAF World Fashion Convention began today, with 329 national and international Fashion System entrepreneurs and leaders in attendance. Getting to know the consumer, innovation and the importance of response time in the supply chain are some of the conclusions drawn on the first academic day of the convention. Claudio Chiaromonte, Executive Vice President […]

“Welcome to heaven” my pilot says as we soar several hundred feet above the city of Medellin. Your instructor will buckle you straight into your harness, fit your helmet and take off before you have time to feel afraid. Sailing hundreds of feet above solid ground, with only a glorified jacket between your body and certain death, is […]

The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes), designed and built in 1925, is a classic building among a mixture of modern homes on one of the busiest and, in the past, most exclusive, roads in downtown Medellin. Designed pro-bono by Architect Nel Rodriguez, the Palace of Fine Arts is a Colombian National Monument and […]